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The BEST Coffee Body Scrub - Coffee, Magnesium, Coconut - PEPPERMINT PUNCH 130g

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Made with premium ingredients.

We don't skimp on our ingredients like the competitors.

This scrub provides serious goodness for your skin.

Premium Coffee, Magnesium salts and oil, Coconut oil & flakes, Macadamia oil, Jojoba beads and with the delicious and invigorating pure essential oil of Peppermint and extract of Vanilla.

Great for dry, scaly skin, flaky and itchy skin. Your skin will be soft and moisturized.

Feel your muscles relax after a hard workout or long day at work with our added unique ingredients of magnesium chloride (magnesium oil) and magnesium sulphate (epsom salts). Magnesium is also known for is detoxing and skin rejuvenation benefits.

  • Directions: simply jump in the shower, wet your skin, grab a handful of scrub and start massaging it all over your body or your preferred areas. When finished wash off the scrub and feel soft silky smooth, moisturised and relaxed.

Coffee scrub is known for its cellulite reduction and skin toning and exfoliating. MgBody Scrub is SO good that you'll seriously become addicted.

Made from all natural ingredients.
Selected ingredients are Organic Certified.
No fragrances used. Only 100% Essential Oils are used.

Peppermint increases blood circulation, it is an antispasmodic for muscle tissue. Peppermint provides relief from pain, eliminates nausea and headaches. Aids digestion and clears the respiratory tract.

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