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The Healing Benefits of Magnesium

The Healing Benefits of Magnesium

The Healing Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for optimum health responsible for more than 300 biochemical reactions in our bodies including cell and bone growth, blood sugar regulation, and maintaining the health of our nervous, muscular and cardiovascular systems.

Hostile toward aluminium, lead, mercury and nickel in your body, it is also an essential mineral for detoxification. But with the growing consumption of sugary foods, caffeinated drinks, allergies, intolerances and constant stress, magnesium deficiency is becoming more and more common.

When you consider that low magnesium levels have been linked to headaches, anxiety, chronic pain, muscle cramps and weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, insomnia, irritability, poor memory, reduced concentration, hyperactivity, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and even asthma you can see why this is a growing problem.

While the benefits of magnesium are slowly but surely coming to light, you might still be surprised at how many problems and ailments magnesium can help with, from boosting energy and mood through to supporting immunity and easing the symptoms of stress.


A natural energy and mood booster

Magnesium is essential for breaking down glucose into energy. It activates an enzyme called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the fundamental energy storage molecule of your body that is responsible for transporting energy within our cells for metabolism. When your magnesium is low, your energy levels drop.


A calming stress reliever

Magnesium has been shown to be essential for the uptake and release of serotonin by brain cells. Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter that helps moderate mood, sleep, appetite, cognition, metabolism and memory, all of which are affected by stress and anxiety. When your body has enough magnesium, serotonin is released more efficiently, allowing for better stress management and feelings of overall wellbeing.

A muscle relaxant and pain reliever

As a natural muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory, magnesium is highly effective in the soothing of aches and pains. From headaches to injuries, magnesium can help ease the pain, reduce swelling and dramatically speed up the healing process.

A sleep regulator

Melatonin (the sleep-regulating hormone) is disturbed when you are deficient in magnesium. This is why regular magnesium intake has been proven to increase both the amount of sleep and the quality of sleep you experience.

A hormone balancer

Studies have suggested that women who present with stronger PMS symptoms tend to have low levels of magnesium in their bodies. Regular magnesium can assist with fatigue, abdominal cramping, back pain, hormone balance and even irritability.

But younger women aren’t the only ones troubled by hormones. Menopause caused by hormone levels changing in women aged 45 years and older, can bring about a series of unwanted symptoms including hot flushes, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, weight gain and an increased risk of osteoporosis.

Magnesium is vital for your bones during menopause and it also helps to alleviate symptoms including anxiety, irritability and other mood changes.

An athlete’s best friend

Athletes are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of magnesium in recovery and the ongoing maintenance of their health and performance.

During intense exercise and training, you can lose significant amounts of magnesium through sweat. By replenishing the magnesium lost you speed up your recovery as it facilitates muscle relaxation, improves muscle efficiency, reduces pain associated with hyper-contracted muscles and increases circulation, minimising the risk of injury in your next training session.

Children need magnesium too

While it can be easy to think the smallest members of your family have all the magnesium they need, the truth is there is an increase in childhood magnesium deficiency. Babies, toddlers, children and teens need magnesium just as much as you do.

Magnesium can help your child sleep better, relieve pain and swelling, heal bumps, bruises and injuries faster, treat warts, build immunity and even help with the distressing aches and pains caused by growing bones and muscles.

Transdermal magnesium or oral magnesium?

Currently, there are three ways to increase your magnesium levels, through magnesium rich foods (like nuts and seeds), taking an oral supplement or through the application of transdermal magnesium. While all are effective, transdermal magnesium can offer you greater benefits.

Transdermal magnesium goes directly into your muscles and cells with your body absorbing up to 90% of what you rub into your skin. Oral magnesium, however, only absorbs up to 55% with most lost in digestion.

As transdermal magnesium avoids your digestive system, you also skip all of the unwanted side effects like nausea and diarrhoea that are quite common with oral supplementation and get straight to the healing benefits. Making it quick, easy and ideal for treating pain, injuries, sleep difficulties and magnesium deficiency in children.


It was this discovery about transdermal magnesium that lead Tracey Sykes, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and a highly respected acupuncturist to team up with her husband and fellow fitness enthusiast Michael Sykes, to create MgBody Magnesium.

Made from pure, concentrated Australian magnesium oil and the safest natural ingredients, the MgBody range of all-natural magnesium oil sprays, roll-ons and coffee body scrubs (with bath oils, serums and creams soon to launch), helps athletes, fitness lovers and busy professionals relax, detox and alleviate the pain and muscle tightness that can come from living an active and busy lifestyle.

Simply spray and rub onto the skin to reduce pain, inflammation and muscle tightness, or pour 30-50mls (20mls for kids and babies) into a bath for ultimate recovery, restoration and relaxation – and a deeper, more refreshing sleep.


Want to find out more about the MgBody Magnesium range? Head on over to or call 0449 703 845.