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MgBody Magnesium Range

MgBody Magnesium Range

Our fav product at the moment is our gorgeous Magnesium Cream. It has so many amazing ingredients you wont find a magnesium cream as GOOD as this! 

Our best sellers are the Magnesium Cream, Sleep Roll on, Sports Spray & Relaxation Flakes. It has the highest true concentration of magnesium on the Australian Market, therefore the results are up to 5x faster and more effective.

Sports Spray or Roll On products include our premium quality magnesium plus the added benefits of essential oils that are proven to help relieve your muscular or arthritic issues. 

  1. Magnesium Chloride Bath Flakes - Zest 350g
  1. The Sleep Set
  1. R&R Pack
  1. MgBody Magnesium Gift Card