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Magnesium Spray - Kids 125ml

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It is widely known that Magnesium is a key mineral for a healthy body! MgBody’s Magnesium is great to relax the muscles, assist in recovery & encourage restful sleep.


MgBody is Excited to bring you our brand new product - Kids.


Already packed with our high quality high concentrated Magnesium Chloride but this time...  fortified with an assortment of botanicals to aid in decreasing anxiety & promote wellbeing & calm.

Specially designed for your little adventure seeker!!


Keeping in line with Mgbody's ethos, our assortment of rich botanicals are all organic and Australian sourced. 



MgBody Magnesium “Kids” Spray


  • Certified Organic
  • All Natural
  • Australian Made & Owned
  • Specially formulated with 100% organic essential oils to aid in decreasing anxiety and promote wellbeing and calm
  • Already packed with our well known high concentrate Magnesium Chloride




How to use our Kids Spray:

Simply Spray onto the bottom of your little adventure seekers feet and back of neck



What’s in MgBody’s Kids Spray?

Organic Magnesium Chloride, 100% Essential Oils of Mandarin, Cedarwood Atlas, Lemon, Lavender Maillette, Lavandin Grosso, Bergamot Bergaptene-free, Chamomile Roman