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Magnesium Roll On - Sleep 60ml

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It is widely known that MgBody Magnesium is great to relax the muscles to encourage restful sleep.

MgBody Magnesium are excited to bring to you, Sleep.

Already packed with our high quality high concentrated Magnesium Chloride but this time...  fortified with an assortment of botanicals which are well known to encourage a deep rem sleep. Magnesium increases GABA in the body, a neurotransmitter that promotes unwinding and slowing down. Magnesium plays a vital role in how in how our body manages its sleep cycle

Keeping in line with Mgbody's ethos, our assortment of rich botanicals are all organic and Australian sourced. 

MgBody Sleep Magnesium Roll-On makes an easy application for those hard to reach areas & many people love the massage effect that the roll-on provides.

Use directly on problem areas as often as needed.

With 100% Australian organically and naturally sourced magnesium chloride, the Sleep formula not only includes our superior Australian Magnesium but also a carefully selected blend of 100% Essential Oils that may assist with deeper sleep, relaxation, stress relief, inflammation, rheumatism and headaches. It smells amazing and achieves fantastic results.

Perfect combination with our relaxation bath soak to encourage that deep sound sleep.

Ingredients: Organic Magnesium Chloride, 100% Essential Oils of Orange Sweet, Lavender Maillete, Petitgrain, Camomile Roman, Sandlewood, 



For maximum affect - use on soles of feet after a shower or bath using our relaxation  flakes, roll on the back of neck and inside of arms.