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Menstrual Pain?

Menstrual Pain?

Is this you? Someone you're close to or someone you know ?

A study was done by AFP (Australian family physician) with 247 women on the presence and severity of dysmenorrhea (severe period pain).

This study showed that a whopping 88% of women reported suffering from dysmenorrhea, & of those 88%, 56% reported having to use pain medication as the severity interfered with their daily activities.

These numbers are extremely high. What was also shocking to learn is that only 34% of those women consulted a healthcare provider about their pain. Which leaves 86% who did not.

My name is Erica and I am the Operations Manager here at MgBody. I suffer not only severe period pain but this continues throughout my entire cycle, like so many other women, and is something I've had to have surgery for just last week.
56% of women in this study are self medicating to enable them to live with the pain just to get through their day and this is something so many of us do, myself included... Until I made MgBody Magnesium a part of my routine.

Want an All Natural, All Organic and All Australian made way to help manage your dysmenorrhea?